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VIDA Internacional exists to train missionaries and develop, perfect, and promote integral evangelism in Central America, fulfilling the great commission in cooperation with the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

IBC provides training in the practical knowledge of the Bible, health, leadership, and vocational skills. IBC also offers Spanish and English courses.

Beautiful plants landscape the campus and provide nutrition for staff and students. In addition to the campus garden, VIDA owns an avocado plantation.

CBS offers bilingual Christian education to youth in grades K-11. In alliance with Christian academies in the United States, some students also study abroad.

Although corn tortillas are a staple in the Honduran diet, the bakery brings whole wheat baked goods to the public and stocks the kitchen with bread and granola.

CSI's 6-day program introduces guests to the essentials of a healthy lifestyle—nutrition, exercise, rest, and trust in God—encouraging lasting change. 


Although evangelism is woven into all we do, staff and students are heavily involved in the local Seventh-day Adventist Church, spreading the gospel through Bible studies and community outreach.

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