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Gift Catalog

We are excited at the prospect of enlarging God's vineyard. Looking back at His amazing provision over the years, our faith is strengthened, and we are overcome with a yearning for more opportunities to satisfy the needs of our community. We cannot do any of this without the partnership of people like you. Maybe you share our dream of spreading the gospel far and wide. We want to invite you to plant those seeds with us through your generous giving. Within every item listed in this gift catalog are hidden the implements of fishing for men. We are committed to making every penny count.


Choose a Gift

We have so many gifts to choose from. Pick as many as you'd like. Even kids can get involved. Browse through the catalog and see what gifts touch your heart the most.


Change a Life

Donate and become part of our team. Your gift changes the lives of families in our local community, young people preparing for ministry, and our guests who long for a healthier life.


Spread the Joy

You may give in honor of someone you care about. Send an email to with a special note, and we'll send a beautiful ecard on your behalf.

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