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Each one of VIDA's departments aim to be self-sustaining. But we also have ventures that are designed to sustain those who live on VIDA's campus. As these industries grow and produce more than what the campus needs, the products are sold in various communities. 


Beautiful plants landscape the campus and provide nutrition for staff and students. Students have the opportunity to see how the food they help prepare in the kitchen makes its way into pots and pans from the soil by working in the garden. In addition to the campus garden and the fruit trees that were originally on the property, such as mangos, guavas, banana, and cashews, VIDA owns an avocado plantation.



Although corn tortillas are a staple in the Honduran diet, and they are served in the campus dining area nearly every day, the bakery brings whole grain baked goods to the public and stocks the kitchen with bread and granola. Some days the bakery staff also makes treats like cinnamon rolls or pineapple empanadas.

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