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Instituto Bíblico Centroamericano

Through its 10-month course, reminiscent of the schools of the prophets, IBC provides training in the practical knowledge of the Bible, health, leadership, and vocational skills to help Christians become effective missionaries. IBC has served students throughout Latin America, as well as Europe and the United States. The international interest has spread among non-Spanish speakers, leading IBC to provide a Spanish course prior to the 10-month course. IBC also offers an English course for community members.

Spiritual Life

The Bible is the foundation of every subject taught at IBC, but for students to make the most of their mission school experience, we encourage them to jump start their day in personal communion with God. We also opportunities for corporate worship throughout the week. 


Community Outreach

“Take hold of the medical missionary work, and it will give you access to the people. Their hearts will be touched as you minister to their necessities. As you relieve their sufferings, you will find opportunity to speak to them of the love of Jesus.” (1NL 138) With this mindset students participate in outreach and giving Bible studies.

Dorm Life

​There is no place like home, but we aim to provide a welcoming atmosphere in the men's and women’s dorms. Residents enjoy deep conversations, laughter, and sweet slumber, gaining brothers, sisters, and friends for life in the roommates that share the space.


Meal Time

​Students help prepare vegetarian meals that are filled with fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, and nuts. The traditional Honduran cuisine, such as beans and rice, tortillas, plantain, and guacamole, is a definite favorite. Meals are supplemented with whole wheat bread and granola from the bakery.



  • Christian Home

  • Steps to Christ

  • Biblical Hermeneutics

  • Justification by Faith

  • Fundamental Beliefs

  • Spirit of Prophecy

  • Sanctuary

  • Revelation

  • Church History

  • Adventist History

  • Evangelism

  • Church Leadership


  • God’s Healing Method

  • Skeletal and Muscular Systems

  • Anatomy and Physiology

  • Disease and Treatment

  • Massage

  • Hydrotherapy

  • Health Expo and Health Talks

  • Basic Nursing

  • Nutrition

  • Herbs and Natural Remedies


  • Principles of Leadership

  • Human Resources Management

  • Financial Management

  • Self-support

  • Total Quality

  • Finishing the Work

  • Christian Psycology

  • True Education

  • Christian Life

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