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High School Science Teacher

Campos Blancos School has several high school level science classes. The students are eager to learn and need a teacher who is creative in lesson plans and knowledgable about biology, chemistry, and basic physics.

God's creation is a wonderful subject of study, and we encourage our students to learn about the intricate designs of systems of our world.

Weekly Hours

Full Time

Room & Board

Dormitory style housing and cafeteria


Be able to work independently, ability to break down and simplify concepts for students, create and enforce discipline procedures, create lesson plans, patience, compassion, creativity


Housing, food, country setting, monthly stipend dependent on commitment


Minimum of 6 month


Have completed biology, chemistry, and physics courses and be able to explain foundational concepts; current science major or a science-related degree preferred



Previous Work Experience

Previous experience in teaching or in a scientific setting (teaching assistant, lab, clinic) preferable

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